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Johnny Bugs Pest Control

Meet Johnny Bugs & Frank the Pug:

Johnny Bugs is the Pet-Friendly Exterminator. He and his little sidekick "Frank " would love to make your acquaintance and rid you of pest control problems likes ants and cockroaches. Johnny is Certified by the State of Florida in General Household Pest and Rodent Control, and also holds a Bachelor's Degree from The Pennsylvania State University. His passion is simplification and his revolutionary methods have been featured in national pest industry magazines. In their spare time, Johnny and Frank enjoy spending their time on a nearby sandbar, fishing, swimming, and an occasional scrapple breakfast treat. Sometimes Frank even gets a scrap....

North Port is Teeming with Ants

I always joke that North Port Sarasota County is one giant Big-Headed Ants nest. Everywhere I go I seem to find massive amounts of the tiny little funnel mounds which are commonly mistaken for fire ants. A subterranean ant that loves the root systems of large trees, these reddish brown ants can be a royal pain when they start to trail inside. Call today for a free quote to knock them back into your neighbor's yard! (941) 405-3080