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pest control port charlotte for beach towns nearbyPest Control Port Charlotte solves numerous pest problems like giant cockroaches (called palmetto bugs) and spiders. Feral Bee populations thrive in this community as do most species of ants and cockroaches. The transient nature of its residents only help to allow these occasional invaders to sleep comfortably. We love providing much needed pest control devices in Port Charlotte which protect people form the disease that vermin spread unabated. Frequently we’ll find huge infestations of big-headed ants around the Port Charlotte area. This species of ant create super colonies with multiple nests and queens. Fighting them takes a keen sense of fortitude when encountered due to the vastness of the colonies.

Tired of Seeing Pests Like Ants and Spiders in Port Charlotte FL?

Have you been told that nothing can be done to eradicate those pesky venomous spiders hanging in your screened enclosure (AKA: Lanai)? Don’t drink the pool water my friend, any skilled exterminator can wipe out cobwebs and use pest control products that minimize re-infestation. Of course we do live in a swamp, so it would be unreasonable to think you will never see a bug again in Florida, but we’ll get you pretty darned close.

What Does Our Pest Control Sarasota Treatment Include?

Our Port Charlotte Pest Control service includes removal of cobwebs prior to treatment. You get maximum curb appeal when finished.  We treat both the inside and outside each quarterly visit to ensure you stay pest free all year long.  Subsequently, each pest treatment we achieve total control by following a rigid protocol:
-Treat Interior door thresholds, plumbing, and electrical access points
-Remove Cob-Webs and Wasp Nests on the Outside Including Lanai, Patio, Garage, and Carports
-Treat Around Exterior Windows, Doors, Foundation, and Surrounding Perimeter as needed
-Find and Treat Sources of Problems if Found Nearby

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John takes care of my place and always does it right! No bugs ever! unless they are dead! Ants everything! all gone! no fire ants for my kids to step on! Call Johnny bugs!

~ Jared S.

John came out today on very short notice to treat fungus gnats. He was prompt, polite and professional. He thoroughly explained his process, his service and his guarantee. I highly recommend this company!

~ Dr. Carole G.

John did an awesome job. I had some pests outside, but on Thursday I inadvertently disturbed a yellow jacket nest. He came out on Friday and treated my yard, house, and the nest. He even rid my pool area of spider webs. I had a list in my head of what I wanted him to do. He accomplished everything on my list without me asking. He’s prompt, thorough, courteous, and personable. He’s even going to contact me in three months to see how things are going. I highly recommend Johnny Bugs! Thanks also to Thumbtack.

~ Carrie S.

Excellent service and results.

~ Richard E.

John from Johnny bugs goes above and beyond for his clients. He has always returned calls quickly if he was doing a job and couldn’t answer. He travels approximately 50 miles each way to do my house and he beat everyone else’s prices. Always personable and professional. Highly recommend him for any job

~ Terry S.