Nothing is worse than finding bugs in your kitchen or bathrooms. We can help keep your home PEST FREE. Call us today and let us get started with our Pet and Family friendly pest control service.

Got spiders?

We can help! Don’t let those 8 legged creatures scare you out of your home. Keep them at bay with monthly pest control service that is both family and pet friendly. Call today to start your in-home pest control .

Rainy season is coming…so are the ants!

Rainy season is coming…so are the ants! It’s that time again for Southwest Florida…Rainy Season! That means the ants will be invading your lawn looking for dry areas to nest. Don’t let them take over your yard and your home, contact us today to start eliminating the problem BEFORE it becomes a major issue.

GOT COBWEBS? We remove cobwebs to help control insects in and near the house. Spiders love to build webs at home entry points or around the windows of the house. Don’t let them make a comfortable home at your home…call us today for safe and effective spider removal.

Florida’s tropical climate

Florida’s tropical climate is ideal for outdoor recreation almost year-round. While it delights residents and draws travelers to the area in droves, it also is perfect for many pests to thrive. If you have noticed bugs in your home, you understandably may be disgusted and concerned. Bugs can carry diseases, and some can sting or bite you. Others can cause serious property damage. Many Florida pests enjoy spending time outdoors, or they may be driven inside your home to look for water or to take a break from the heat. Regardless of the types of bugs that you have identified,… Read More »

There is so much to love about living here

There is so much to love about living here in the beautiful North Port, FL, Venice and Sarasota areas! We have abundant sunshine, tropical temperatures, and you are never too far from the beach. It’s great to be able to live an active, outdoors lifestyle, but Florida condo living does also have some drawbacks. Our tropical climate creates an environment that’s friendly to bugs. You can’t fully enjoy your condo time if you’re worry about creatures scurrying around, so we want you to know that the Johnny Bugs team is here to help. We cover the entire Sarasota, Venice and… Read More »

Eliminate Cockroaches Quickly

If you have a cockroach infestation in your home in Florida, then you may feel embarrassed, but this type of problem is common in our state because of its year-round warm temperatures. While you may have a clean home, you might have neighbors who have cockroaches, and these insects will crawl to your home to find additional sources of food. Alternatively, you can bring home a female cockroach in a grocery bag or a suitcase, leading to an infestation after the insect reproduces. In some cases, you can have thousands of cockroaches, but the insects tend to hide in dark… Read More »