The Science Behind Your Pest Control: Rodent Exclusion

When we’re confronted with the peskiest, disease-carrying mice and rats in Sarasota County, FL, and surrounding areas, our rodent exterminator services adapt themselves accordingly. Rooting out and eliminating these pests is not just about evicting unwanted house guests, however; it’s a concern for our public health. With the Sin Nombre Virus and HPS spreading from one furry guy to the next, our Johnny Bugs, Inc. crew doesn’t take any chances.

As you’d probably guess, exceptional mice and rat extermination services near Sarasota County involve far more than laying down mouse-traps and poisons. In fact, Johnny Bugs, Inc. minimizes the amount of toxic chemicals it uses in the field, preferring a thorough methodology that’s known as rodent exclusion.

Professional Methodology
1. Understanding the enemy. Before exterminators can effectively perform in the field, it’s essential that they familiarize themselves with the habits and reproductive powers of the rodents they’re facing. The more species you can distinguish between, the more you can successfully control them.
2. An exhaustive inspection. In this most dangerous game, the victors invest their energy into securing every entryway and exit into homes, sheds, garages, and private interiors. A professional exterminator will identify structural defects that may be giving rodents the advantage—allowing them to slip in and out without detection.
3. Sanitizing the grounds. An effort towards sanitation goes a long way for exterminators, limiting rodents’ access to essentials like food, water, and shelter. If you don’t care about the state of the site itself, you’re only asking for another infestation down the road.
4. Cooperating with the locals. An exterminator who understands their trade will always communicate and cooperate with customers and locals as much as possible. Managing a rodent infestation requires collaboration between everyone on-site and off-site where it’s relevant.
5. Regular monitoring of activity. Once you’ve sealed off the entrances and exits into a home, you’ve only won half the battle as an exterminator. By regularly re-inspecting the grounds for new holes or fluctuations in the rodent population, you can anticipate problems before they happen again, saving yourself quite a bit of a headache.

Once an exterminator has mastered rodent exclusion techniques, the challenge of eliminating a mouse or rat infestation isn’t nearly as daunting. Luckily for our customers along the coasts and sunny beaches of Florida, Johnny Bugs, Inc. has the experience and confidence that comes with success.

Hey Snowbirds, Don’t Let Your Home Get Infested with Rodents Before Winter

While you’re spending your autumns up in the cities of the tristate or along the beaches on the Western coast, Johnny Bugs, Inc. is fighting against pests like heroes and professionals. In fact, our rodent exterminator service may be one of the best and friendliest in the Sarasota County area.

Get Your Home Inspected Before It Spreads

What is it, you may be asking? Well, it could very well be a family of rats, piled high in your kitchen or a hive of insects you’ve haven’t seen up close since you were a child running around in the woods. Our own neck of the woods is famous for its share of furry little fruit rats. You can find these guys occupying everything, Charlotte County, and every neighboring area. Our rodent exterminator service is your best bet; both before or after you find them in your home.

Where Do Rodents Usually Inhabit Your Home?

Like we said: everywhere. You’ll find rodents nestled in attics, leaving behind a scratching of their stay. Long tailed and sharply snouted scurrying by night, they also drop off pleasant surprises with each passing day. Before long, the place that is your winter treat is five starred as your four-footed guests are concerned.

You may also keep an eye out for tree rats and roof rats, too. Once you hear them, it’s time to call us—unless you want them multiplying where you rest and dine.

What’s a “Rodent Exclusion” Policy?

It’s professional lingo for: you don’t have to worry about any rodents pulling a move to escape your home. When we go to war against the peskiest rodents, we do not rely on simple tricks, poisons, or traps. Blocking all the exits, we proof rooftops, then lay out bait stations around the perimeter of your house. During all this, our experts seal off points of entry elsewhere. Depending on the level of the infestation and the wits of the rodents, it may take more than a few days before the battle to take back your winter home is won.

The Most Venomous Spiders Lurking in the Sunshine State: Part I

As a family-owned business, we at Johnny Bugs, Inc. do what we do because we care about the safety of our homes, families, and pets. When our flea exterminators go to work in the Charlotte County area, we insist on using pet-friendly, odorless treatments, keeping toxins to an absolute minimum. Our philosophy is always to minimize danger for everyone; which is why we hunt down pests as aggressively as we do. Among the pests that we exterminate, the spiders of Florida may, in fact, be the most dangerous, and the most deserving of study.

Native Dangers

When our spider exterminators go to inspect homes in Sarasota County or the surrounding areas, we keep our eyes out for two types of spiders in particular: the infamous widow and the recluse. Though the recluse spider isn’t native to the sunshine state, it’s spread itself all over, establishing sizable populations. Whether you’re looking for the widow or the recluse, both of these species tend to be found in the least obvious of locations—and usually by the most unsuspecting of individuals.

Though we hunt and exterminate these spiders with a vengeance, we never underestimate the dangers involved. Wherever our hands go, lifting boxes, storage containers or firewood, we always wear our gloves and full protective suits. Clothing that hasn’t been worn in some time is often the ideal lair for one of these guys.

The Black Widow

A real femme fatale if there ever was one, the black widow can grow anywhere from 8 to 15 mm in length (about 5-6 times bigger than the males—hence the name). You almost always know these deadly beauties by their distinctive black, shiny bodies, marked with red stripes and symbols. The black widow is nocturnal by nature, preferring to move and build webs in the darkest hours of the night.

Most bites by the black widow occur when the spider finds herself trapped against the skin of a human or pet. You may not feel her bite immediately—as it usually takes one to three hours—but when you do, you’ll need to be administered an anti-venom to counteract all of the nausea and intense pain.

5 Tips to Help Prevent Mice and Rodents from Getting Into Your Home

Mice and other rodents might be unwelcome visitors in your home. Part of the problem is that they are capable of slipping through holes that are much smaller than then they appear. They get in through holes and cracks that you might not even know exist in your home. Mice can even sneak in under the floor and the foundation, making it hard to see them until the infestation has gotten out of control. At Johnny Bugs, Inc., we strive to help homeowners free themselves of these irksome visitors, and we’ve got five tips to help prevent them from getting into your home.

Seal gaps in windows or ceilings.

One of the best ways to prevent mice from getting inside your home is by sealing any points of entry. This includes gaps in your windows or gaps in your ceilings. You can use caulk or steel wool to seal any openings. Check your drainage pipe seals, as well. You should also replace loose mortar and weather stripping that is often found around the windows and the foundation basements.

Store your food properly.

Mice like to make their grand appearances when the weather drops, so make sure—especially during the fall months, that your food is properly sealed in glass or metal containers with tight lids. If you do find yourself faced with an unfortunate infestation and you need a rodent exterminator service in Sarasota County, call Johnny Bugs, Inc. We can get your problem under control in no time.

Eradicate all moisture sites.

Another way that you can prevent mice from entering your home is by keeping your space as moisture-free as possible. Check for any leaking pipes or clogged drains that might serve as attraction points for unwanted critters.

Store firewood properly.

Who doesn’t love a cozy fire in the cooler months? By all means, fire away, but make sure that you store any firewood at least 20 feet away from your home. While you’re at it, keep any shrubbery that might be on your property trimmed back and dispose of clippings quickly and properly.

Keep your attic ventilated.

Another prevention tip includes making sure that you keep your attic ventilated and dry. Mice love to shack up in damp spaces, so don’t give them any reason to cozy up and choose yours. If you do require a rodent exterminator service in Charlotte County, call Johnny Bugs, Inc. We can get your problem fixed quickly and affordably!

5 Pest Control Tips to Consider for Your Florida Home

If you live in Florida, then you already know that keeping the pests at bay is a challenge. At Johnny Bugs, Inc., we work hard to provide our Florida residents with safe and effective pest-control procedures. If you live in the area and you want to keep your lifestyle uncomplicated by pests, then give us a call and find out what we can do to help. In the meantime, Johny Bugs, Inc. has five pest control tips to consider for your Florida home.

  1. Remove standing water from outside your home.

One of the best pest-control measures you can take is to remove any standing water that it outside your home. As you might already know, standing water is a breeding zone for mosquitos.  Because Florida receives so much precipitation, it’s important to check your property on a routine basis for any standing water that might be collecting without your knowledge of it. Good places to check include in rain spouts, on planters, and beside air conditioning units. 

  1. Store firewood with care.

Firewood is another place that insects, especially carpenter ants, tend to collect on. If you’re going to use firewood on a regular basis, make sure that you stack it properly and keep it a good distance from your home. At Johnny Bugs, Inc., we recommend storing firewood at least five feet away from your home and on a designated rack, as well. If you find that your residence has been overrun by either carpenter ants or other pests, then give Johnny Bugs, Inc. a call and find out what we can do to help. For those who need pest control services in Sarasota County, we are always prepared to be of assistance.

  1. Give pests difficult access.

Another great pest control tip for your Florida home is to think about access routes for bugs.  Check your screens for holes and repair any that need it. You can also check out windows and doors for small cracks that might give insects access to your home.

  1. Keep a clean kitchen.

It might seem impossible, but even a small pile of crumbs on your countertop is enough to invite a colony of ants into your home. Make sure that you keep your kitchen as clean as possible.  Wipe down all of your counters, sweep the floors, and keep all food stored in airtight containers.  It’s also a good idea to take the trash out as often as possible, too. In the event that these strategies fail and you find yourself in need of ant exterminators near Charlotte County, give Johnny Bugs, Inc. a call and we’ll handle the rest.

  1. Don’t discard produce too quickly.

If possible, try not to toss your produce scraps right into the garbage. If you know that your trash will be picked up within the next 48 hours, then it’s okay to toss them, but as a general rule, it’s best to let them dry out before putting them in the trash. Rotting food is a big insect attractor!

Got Bed Bugs? Here’s How Johnny Bugs, Inc. Can Help Get Rid of Them!

Just the thought of a bed bug can make your skin crawl. If you’ve ever found a bed bug on your skin or seen them crawling around on your bed, it’s important to take action as soon as possible. Bed bugs have become an increasingly common problem nowadays, but getting rid of them doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. At Johnny Bugs, Inc., we help homeowners in various locations eliminate bed bugs as quickly as possible. You’ll be relieved to find out that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars replacing your mattresses, either!

Bed bugs are small, flat, oval-shaped insects. They don’t have wings, so they rely on humans to transport them from area to another. They are usually a reddish-brown color, and range from about one to seven millimeters. Bed bugs typically feed on human or animal blood at night. At Johnny Bugs, Inc., we know that bed bugs can be a nuisance, but we also know that we can help you get rid of them. A bed bug infestation can be easy to detect, so luckily, you can eradicate them as soon as you confirm their presence.

If you see exoskeletons or shells, then chances are you have bed bugs. Exoskeletons are clear, and might be left around your bed or on your pillow. You might see fecal stains on your mattresses and bedding. There might even be blood stains from the bed bugs on your sleepwear. These are somewhat obvious signs that can help you get on the path to elimination quickly. At Johnny Bugs, Inc., we do whatever we can to ensure that our customers return to a comfortable sleep as soon as possible.

We suggest stripping all of your pillowcases and bedding. Seal them in plastic bags and then take the bags straight to the washing machine. Set the wash on hot, then wash all of the bag contents. Dry everything on a high setting since this will usually kill any bed bugs or eggs that are there. At Johnny Bugs, Inc., we can help you with the bed bug treatment process and get you back to a restful night’s sleep in no time. We suggest running a vacuum in your bedding to remove any bed bug exoskeletons and eggs that might be hiding. Be sure to get the mattress seams, bed frame crevices and both headboard and footboard, too. Follow up with a high-pressure steamer.

To learn more about bed bugs or how we can help eliminate them, please feel free to browse our site!

Ants, Ants, Everywhere! How to Get Rid of Them and Keep Them Out for Good

Who wants ants crawling all over their counter tops or sneaking into their food? We all know that ants can be a nuisance, but we don’t always know how to prevent their invasion in our homes. Ants are more likely to make their appearance during the hot summer months, and at Johnny Bugs, Inc., we try to keep our customers informed with some of the best tips for keeping them away from your space. Ants don’t have to be a nuisance if you take the right measures to help prevent them in the first place. If they still get into your home, we can help you show them to the door with our proven pest control services.

If you’re trying to keep ants out of your kitchen and away from your food, one of the simplest yet overlooked measures is to keep your space clean. This is often easier said than done. Maybe you forget to wipe the counter after eating, or maybe it’s a busy week at work, so dishes go unwashed and piled in the sink. These little slip-ups can invite ants into your home, and what often starts as just a few of the pests soon result in an entire colony making their home on your tables and in your food. Luckily, Johnny Bugs, Inc. can remedy this problem, with as little disruption to your daily life as possible.

Johnny Bugs, Inc. is a full service pest exterminator company in Florida that relies on odorless treatments. Our treatments are also pet-friendly because we always take into consideration the other creatures, like cats and dogs, that might be living in your home. We understand that an ant invasion can be frustrating, so we offer quick and reliable services for all of your ant extermination needs. When the summer months roll in and your space becomes a haven for ants and other pests, Johnny Bugs, Inc. can help you get to the root of the problem. Remember to keep counters wiped, remove food and dishes from the sink, and keep an eye out for any small crevices or holes in the wall or the floorboards. This will give you a chance at keeping ants away from your home this summer.

If you find yourself already overrun with these tiny pests, don’t fret — give us a call today and let us take care of the problem.

How Rodent Activity is Affected by Sarasota Drought

How Rodent Activity is Affected by Drought

Local rodent activity has spiked due to the drought conditions as confirmed by several local Sarasota pest exterminators. As pest rats and mice run out of drinking water in swampy areas and ponds, they have moved closer to people’s homes. Water features like bird feeders and koy ponds provide ample moisture for them. Many people who call think they have mice, but the truth is very few mice live in Sarasota. Most calls for rodent control are roof rats (aka: fruit rats). Adept little climbers, rats can easily climb your house and sneak through holes the size of a quarter or less. Your air conditioning lines can provide just enough droplets of water to survive.

When Do We Usually See Rodent Activity?

Rats will begin to move into local homes in the winter months to nest in warm attics. 2017 has been different. While attending a local training event with more than a hundred local companies in attendance, it was clear that rodent pressure has spiked significantly due to the current South Florida Drought. Pest control for rats is no easy task and requires a keen eye and a variety of control options. Rats are very intelligent and many times homeowners that try to solve the problem themselves find they have only made things worse! Subsequently, they have to rely on us professional exterminators to rid their house of rats and mice.

bait stations for sarasota rodent control for mice and rats
Secure and Always on Duty

Control Rats and Mice

The right way to control rats and mice is to seal the house so they can’t get in. This includes carefully inspecting the entire structure for the small penetration points and closing them off. Once the house is sealed, any rodents left inside must then be trapped and removed. Another part of our rodent control strategy is to knock down the outside rat pressure by placing bait stations around the home in conducive areas. Rats love to feed on the tasty bait we provide in secure tamper resistant bait boxes.

Johnny Bugs Pest Control can get rats and mice out fast! We have a lot of experience dealing with local rodent control and provide reasonable rates for rat elimination. Call today to schedule a free inspection and quote (941) 405-3080


Rodent Infestation in Your Attic? Johnny Bugs will Kick Them Out!

Rodent Infestation

Rodent infestation keeping you awake at night? Let Johnny Bugs kick those freeloaders to the curb!

rodent infestation in sarasota getting on roof rats
Johnny Bugs will get to them!

Rats & Mice come in to your home for a variety of reasons. During the winter, they are seeking shelter and the warmth of your attic insulation. During drought conditions, rats and mice are looking for water and your air conditioning system has what they need. Unfortunately while building their homes, they can destroy yours. This is why you need rodent control.
Sealing up the house is the best way to permanently the rodents out and keep them out.

By the time most people realize they have rodent activity, the damage has already been done. Rats have used your insulation to build nests and as a bathroom. With a quick gestational period of 21 days, two become many in a short period of time. When a trained professional comes in they will survey the area to see what needs to be done. They will also examine the exterior your home to find where the rodents are entering and exiting. Once the home is sealed, traps will be placed to rid your home of the rodents still living in your attic. Will the rats just leave eventually? No, some Florida home owners think if they just wait the problem will resolve itself. After all, who or what could live in a Florida attic during summer? Rats and mice have no problem cohabiting with you and don’t mind the hot attic.

Best practice to control a rodent infestation

Living in a home with rodents can lead to health issues and contamination. Subsequently, using tamper-resistant bait stations is one way we can get a rat infestation under control fast. These rodent control devices are sealed boxes placed around the exterior of your home to control the nearby population. They are the best way to protect your property. Some people scatter mouse bait to kill rodents but that can also kill other animals in your yard or hurt children. It is very dangerous if you have children who can also ingest the rat poison so leave it to the professionals.

rats mice living in house soffit attic rodent infested
Look closely…

Rat Trapping ends a rodent infestation quickly and trapping can take a couple weeks depending on the amount of rodents in your home. Rat traps must be checked every week to prevent dead rodents from decaying in you attic.

Don’t let a rodent infestation ruin your paradise. Rodent control by Johnny Bugs Pest Control solves the problem fast and humanely, call or text now to schedule a free evaluation for rodent control (941) 405-3080

Venomous Spiders in Sarasota Florida

Venomous Spiders in Sarasota Florida

Every day we field calls from Sarasota residents who are scared of venomous spiders. Have no fear, Johnny Bugs is here! Research shows that only a couple species of Florida Spiders have fangs long enough to give spider bites. Spiders are important and beneficial insects that suppress flying insects. True spider bites do not get inflamed or red. The bite will be flat, cool to the touch, and blueish in color.

Brown Recluse Spiders

The brown recluse is a spider with toxic venom that causes severe necrosis (skin melting). This spider is not an established pest in the Sarasota pest control treatment zone. Most brown recluse spider bites that do occur are from people transporting them in their things. The brown recluse spider should be feared and respected. When it bites, you are going to have a bad day (or several).

Brown Widow Spiders

Brown Widow Spiders are found around doors and windows. They can be found quickly because of their odd looking spider egg cocoons which look like spiked balls. The Brown Widow Spider has the same amount of toxic spider venom as the Black Widow, but is mostly docile.

Black Widow Spiders

Black Widow Spider activity is common in garages and storage sheds of South Florida. This spider is found hiding behind boxes and stored items. It can be very aggressive if agitated or threatened, so be care if you find one. The Black Widow Spider gets it’s name from its viscous habit of preying upon any male with whom she has mated. This highly venomous spider is easily recognized by its red hourglass shaped marking on its abdomen. Watch out for the Black Widow Spider!

False Widow Spiders will also have a red marking on their abdomen but are found in the outside landscape. Preferably, it will make its webs in the plants that surround your home. Long attaching strings make strong webs.

Wolf Spiders known as the Sarasota Housekeeper

The Wolf Spider is an awesome hunter / killer species of Florida spiders. The Florida Wolf Spider can grow to the size of your hand and is known locally as the “housekeeper” because of its propensity to feed on both live and dead bugs found inside. Wolf spiders can be very aggressive so approach them with great caution or they will leap right at you.

Sarasota Spider Control by Johnny Bugs for Venomous Spiders. Our treatment always includes removal of cob webs and a thorough spider control treatment. Call or Text (941) 405-3080 for a free quote over the phone for Spider Control.