The Complete Guide to Home Flea Control

Getting rid of fleas can feel like a battle, but if you don’t handle the situation just right, it could really be more of an ongoing war. At Johnny Bugs, Inc., we see flea infestations on a regular basis in households with dogs and cats. In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about your potential flea infestation, from identifying the pests to getting rid of them once and for all.

The Rasberry Crazy Ant: One of the Gulf’s Most Irritating Pests

The Florida Gulf is teeming with wildlife. From fish, birds, and gators to mosquitos, spiders, and other insects, the hot and humid environment in Southwest Florida is an ideal one for a wide range of species. While many of these species are native to Florida and have lived here for centuries, others have come here recently, spreading across the region and infesting counties across the Gulf region. In this post, we’ll discuss one of Florida’s newest and most irritating pests: the Rasberry Crazy Ant

Spiders You Should Be Made Aware Of When Living in Florida

Here at Johnny Bugs, Inc., our family-owned business is in the pest control line of work because we care about the homes, families, and pets in our community. When our spider exterminators are sent out to work in the Sarasota County area, we use pet-friendly, odorless treatments, which help keep toxins to a minimum. Our team at Johnny Bugs, Inc. is always trying to minimize any potential dangers for residents, which is why we aggressively hunt down pests at each job. One of the many pests we exterminate are spiders, which in Florida are some of the most dangerous. Continue… Read More »

5 Natural Ways To Get Rid of Pests

Do you have pests in your home? Or, do you simply want to prevent them from entering in the first place? We have some solutions for you! Check out our infographic for natural ways to prevent pests from entering your home or to get rid of them! When in need of professional pest control services, rely on Johnny Bugs, Inc. to take care of your problem. We are local ant exterminators in Sarasota County and always provide professional, pet and family-friendly techniques and applications. Call us today for bed bug extermination services in Sarasota County or for other pest control… Read More »

How Ants Are Invading Your Home

Are ants invading your home? There may be several causes for this, and they are preventable. Check out these ways you may be inviting ants in your home. Once you’ve identified the problem, contact the ant exterminators in Sarasota County—Johnny Bugs, Inc. We are a full-service pest control company providing effective techniques to homes occupied by ants, roaches, rodents, and much more. Contact us today to learn more about our ant exterminators that serve Charlotte County and the surrounding areas.

Places Bed Bugs Hide and Why

As a bed bug extermination company that serves Charlotte County, we know all too well how bed bugs are a nuisance to us all. They’re small little critters that invade our spaces and take over wherever they feel like it. In essence, bed bugs can hide anywhere. Therefore, below you will not find an exhaustive list—but rather a selection of places they are are most likely to be. Bed Bugs At Home Typically, when we think of bed bugs, we think of them living in our beds. For the most part, this is correct because at-home spaces are their preferred… Read More »

5 Pests You Don’t Want in Your Home

No matter how clean you are, there is always a potential for pests to invade your home. These creepy and eerie creatures may very well leave you feeling uneasy. And when you see one crawling on your floors, walls, or on other household items, you may be ready to hit the door. In Sarasota County, we are no stranger to insects and bugs. In fact, here are four pests you may want to look out for and what you can do about it. Ghost Ants Ghosts ants are very small insects with a pale-ish color. They can be extremely hard… Read More »

Raising Awareness of Rodent Infestations During the Winter of 2018

As temperatures continue to drop across the Gulf Coast, the threat of rodent infestations is only increasing. Desperate for warmth and indoor refuge, these furry four-footed menaces pose real dangers to homeowners and locals in Sarasota County and the surrounding areas. With the aid of a reputable rodent exterminator service, you can spare yourself, your family, pets, and friends from the health risks that these disease-carriers pose, and learn how to detect the possibility of an infestation. Telltale Signs of Infestations You don’t have to wait until you see a mouse or rat scurrying out from your pantry until you… Read More »

The Science Behind Your Pest Control: Rodent Exclusion

When we’re confronted with the peskiest, disease-carrying mice and rats in Sarasota County, FL, and surrounding areas, our rodent exterminator services adapt themselves accordingly. Rooting out and eliminating these pests is not just about evicting unwanted house guests, however; it’s a concern for our public health. With the Sin Nombre Virus and HPS spreading from one furry guy to the next, our Johnny Bugs, Inc. crew doesn’t take any chances. As you’d probably guess, exceptional mice and rat extermination services near Sarasota County involve far more than laying down mouse-traps and poisons. In fact, Johnny Bugs, Inc. minimizes the amount… Read More »

Hey Snowbirds, Don’t Let Your Home Get Infested with Rodents Before Winter

While you’re spending your autumns up in the cities of the tristate or along the beaches on the Western coast, Johnny Bugs, Inc. is fighting against pests like heroes and professionals. In fact, our rodent exterminator service may be one of the best and friendliest in the Sarasota County area. Get Your Home Inspected Before It Spreads What is it, you may be asking? Well, it could very well be a family of rats, piled high in your kitchen or a hive of insects you’ve haven’t seen up close since you were a child running around in the woods. Our… Read More »