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Ghost Ants

Ghost Ants have been quite frisky this season. As seen below, they can invade a house from clear on the other side and still trail all the way to any room in your house where they find a food or moisture source.

exterminating ants in charlotte county

It never surprises me to track a trail of Ghost Ants all the way back across the house. Whether they are following plumbing penetrations or just trailing in across window ledges, these little nuisance sugar ants can get through even the smallest of cracks and crevices. Even jars of food can be breached by these sugar seeking infidels. Most times when people try to take care of the problem themselves only to find it gets worse. Why? Because a Ghost Ant colony in distress will create a splinter cell and double the problem thus creating two infestations both fully sustainable by themselves.

Ghost Ants Take the Bait in North Port and Venice Fl

Homeowners love to use that sticky bait they buy at Sarasota Pest Control Supply Stores like local hardware stores. The trouble is, it kills them too quickly and they never get to share it with their buddies. Although this may make you feel better, you can rest assured they will be back quickly. Don’t do it yourself – Pest Control takes a knowledge of species and proper treatment applications to be successful. Sarasota Pest Control Reviews show we get the job done quickly!

Are you looking for a no-odor pet-friendly Ghost Ant alternative to those smelly over the county products? Call JOHNNY BUGS today for a quick no-hassle eco-friendly quote and get them out tomorrow! Our ant and roach exterminators can help you!

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