Roach Exterminators

OMG! I just had one run across the kitchen floor and dang was she fast. I know that was a Palmetto Bug but where did it come from? My house is clean, they shouldn’t be here.

Large Cockroaches are a staple of Sarasota Florida living

Commonly called many things from Palmetto Bugs to Water Bugs, these large American Roaches are disgusting and big enough to carry off a small child! Living in paradise has its advantages, but seeing these little dudes is not one of them. I’ll never forget the time I was staying with a friend and woke up to find one crawling up my leg in the middle of the night. What a filthy little nuisance. I tell you I made it my mission to kill as many roaches as I could from that day forward. So off I rode into the beautiful South Florida sunset, spray can on my hip. Well, it seemed romantic at first, but now I m grossed out buy how long people will live in a cockroach infested Sarasota house before the call JOHNNY BUGS for help!

Types of Large Cockroaches in Sarasota also include the Woods and Brown-Banded Variety

roach exterminators in sarasota county
Large cockroaches need a lot of moisture to survive. A plumbing leak, gutters that are full of leaf litter, and HVAC drain lines that create puddles that run under the slab are major causes of large cockroach infestations. Also, quite frequently dog or cat food plays a factor in drawing them in for a midnight snack. By the way, cats are filthy animals. I know, that was mean but very true as most infestations of roaches are due to pet food and litter boxes. We recommend keeping the pet food stored in air tight containers and placing in the garage, not your living space. This is an easy place to treat for an exterminator and good control can be had easily. Remember that a cockroach will smell that pet food from outside and venture in for the buffet.

How to Remedy a Large Cockroach Problem in your Home

Maybe you want to try the do-it-yourself? Here are some tricks of the trade. Treat the spots where they come in like around your garage door and under sinks where plumbing protrudes. Baits can be effective, but I’m not a big fan of enticing anything into my home, so I stay away from bait products. Also, look for water problems and run a dehumidifier. Without that much needed moisture, those little guys won’t be long for this world. Other common places infested with roaches is the attic and crawlspace. Moisture, humidity, and darkness are the Taj Mahal to a big fat cockroach. This is why you frequenlty will see them in and around the kitchen and laundry room areas of the house.

JOHNNY BUGS is Here to Settle the Score against Large American Palmetto Cockroaches
Ever since that little guy came crawling up my leg, I have made it my mission to find and exterminate every one of them on the planet. I don’t think I have made much headway though, even after thousands of confirmed kills.

Johnny Bugs, Inc. can provide quick relief during a roach infestation. Our super technicians will swoop in and lead them all out like the pied piper. Well maybe not, but a thorough treatment is the next best thing. Call today (941) 405-3080 or visit to learn more. What’s Bugging You?