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Rodent Control in Florida for rats and mice. Ah, the lush palm trees, home to one of Florida’s most numerous pest invader, the frisky little fruit rat. Rattus Rattus to be precise. Rats occupy most local areas in great abundance around Manatee, Sarasota and Charlotte counties. When dwelling in attics, rodents are commonly found by hearing activity late at night overhead. Their most favorite route of travel across your attic will be along the air conditioning equipment. A sure sign of action is the little paw prints that can be seen in the dust on the duct work. Also, they tend to leave quite a few little presents along their routes. Use your imagination here.

We primarily deal with Roof Rats in Sarasota, Bradenton, North Port, and Port Charlotte Florida. These dirty and disease carrying little guys are also known as tree rats. Characterized by a long tail and sharp snout, these rodents prefer to travel and find food late at night. Roof rats also live up high in the trees nearby. We do occasionally see mice and Norway Rats (ground dwelling rodents), but this is uncommon in the west coast area. Most of the time people only find out that they have a problem when they start to hear noises in the attic and walls. This is when rodent control is necessary.

What is a Rodent Exclusion?

The best way to control rats is to keep them from getting in to your house. Just setting some traps or throwing poison will only temporarily slow them down. One male and one female rat can produce up to 3,000 offspring within eleven months under ideal conditions, so what you have seen or heard may just be the tip of the iceberg! The best way to stop these pests is “Rodent Proofing” your home. Subsequently, you should place rodent bait stations around the outside of the structure. We recommend rodent control be done before you have a problem inside. Remember that many Florida homes were not built to keep out rodent pests, but to allow the fresh Florida breezes to flow through unobstructed.

This method of control, most commonly called “Rodent Exclusion” by the pest control industry, is a process where an expert in rodent behavior and construction techniques scours the home and repairs / seals all possible entry points. Rodent Control for Rats and Mice is a tedious process with numerous places that may need to be sealed. Places of entry typically include around roof convergent lines, soffits, eaves, and anywhere that plumbing and electrical lines enter the house. Rodent Control pricing depends on many factors so this can not be estimated over the phone. We base our Rodent Control pricing on time, trips, and materials. Once the holes are properly sealed, the exterminator will set a series of snap-traps and there will also be several trips back to the home needed to check the rat traps to then clear the structure of any critters left inside.

Prevent Rodent Activity by using Bait Stations

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Tamper resistant rodent control bait stations are place around your house in areas where rats travel. A skilled Pest Control rat exterminator will know where the best possible locations for rodent activity are found. Placing bait stations like the one pictured here will keep the nearby rodent population to a minimum and help keep a rat infestation from getting started.

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