Spider Exterminators

spiny orb weaver known as crab spider in sarasota florida
Spiny Orb Weaver / Crab Spider

Spider Control and Elimination

spider exterminators in sarasota county

Spider control for several species of spiders we commonly find in southwest Florida. Some common venomous spiders are  Banana, Widow (brown & black), Spiny Orb Weaver, Wolf, and Daddy Long-Leg just to name a few.

All spiders are venomous to varying extents. Spiders use their toxic venom to immobilize, kill, and dissolve the internal organs of their prey. As an important member of our local Ecosystem, spiders help control various bugs and nuisance flying insects.

Spiders That Are Found Indoors More Frequently

Most of the time, large wolf spiders (also called housekeepers) are what prompt a call to Johnny Bugs Pest Control Company for Pest Control treatment. Small daddy long-leg spiders can be found hiding in corners at the base of walls and up at ceiling level. Brown Recluse spiders are extremely are in Southern Florida. Although not considers “established” here, they can be found hiding in shoes or other dark places.

banana spider one of the biggest spiders in southwest florida and sarasota
Banana Spider

Outside Spiders That We Find

Banana Spiders are terrifying when you find them in your nearby bushes or trees. They can grow upwards of 8 inches in length and make large beautiful webs. Brown Widows are found around doors and windows and tucked up under the eaves around your soffits. Although very docile, they do carry the same toxic venom as their relative the Black Widow. Finally, one of the most common Spiders we see and control are the Spiny Orb Weaver also known as crab spiders. These little guys make neat orb-shaped webs that can stretch for up to ten feet from anchor strands to the top of screened pool enclosures (Lanais).

The Myth That Spiders Can’t Be Controlled with Pest Control Service

Spider Control is not easy, but very possible. Some Pest Control companies will tell you that you can’t control spiders but Johnny Bugs disagrees. Although a spider’s biology makes it more difficult, the right combination of products and application methods can ensure you won’t be bothered by spiders any more.

Johnny Bugs, Inc. can solve your spider infestation quickly while using least toxic products that ensure excellent ongoing spider control. Our company is different than most because we take the time to wipe away any cobwebs in your garage, pool cage (Lanai), and around the outside of the house prior to treatment. Call today to learn more about our Sarasota Spider Control Program (941) 405-3080, and about our bed bug extermination services.