Tiny Houses and Living Off The Grid Will Require Specialized Pest Control

Johnny Bugs on Youtube Let’s face it, today’s hipster trend of super-down-sized houses will present it’s share of pest problems for skilled exterminators to tackle. First, if living a transient lifestyle where you frequently move around to different places, you will exposing your tiny house to a variety of American pests. Without taking preventative pest control measures, many tiny house people will find their new tiny home becomes quite the welcome wagon. I wonder if millennials will circle them around like the old stage coaches when a pack of dangerous rats approaches? I digress; we always want to minimize indoor… Read More »

Before We Begin Your Sarasota Pest Control Treatment, We Need to Know a Few Things

Are There Any Pets in Your Home? Having pets should be the first thing you tell your Sarasota Exterminator when they arrive. Pets and small children are typically more sensitive to pesticides and knowing where they are and getting them out of the treatment areas while working is paramount to keeping them safe. Although most products nowadays are pet friendly, some pest control companies are still using old technologies and calling them “organic”. These smelly products may pose a risk to sensitive animals. Johnny Bugs Pest Control is known for being pet-friendly. We take the time to assess your infestation… Read More »

Johnny Bugs Pest Control Offers Treatments During Evenings and Weekends in Sarasota

It’s time to schedule that pest treatment now that you have seen ants every day for a week in your kitchen and bathrooms. When can you find the time to have someone come over? You have soccer practice every day after school, and work all day. You can’t miss any more work or you may lose your job. Does having a professional extermination service have to be so inconvenient? What if I have to be out during the treatment? When will I ever get to relax and watch Jeopardy? Problem Solved! Call Johnny Bugs Pest Control and make an appointment… Read More »

Sarasota Exterminator uses Apple Watch to Improve Pest Control Services

Stepping up to the front door I can hear the dog barking at my arrival. What was the dogs name? I know i wrote it down last time for the office to add to upcoming appointments. Wait a minute, with he flick of the wrist I can see the full appointment details which now includes “bruiser” as the friendly gigantic Mastiff. As I walk into the home and make friendly conversation with Mrs. Customer, I get a gentle tap on the wrist and notice that my next appointment has sent me a message that they need to leave early. With… Read More »

13 Colonies of Sarasota Ants Fight for Independence

Freedom isn’t free for ants in Sarasota, Fl. They must endure long battles against the tyranny of homeowners looking to expatriate them with Sarasota Ant Control treatments. The king of the castle will not tolerate another uprising of peasants looking to sever ties with the monarchy. Betsy has sewn the flag and they are preparing to march against the king’s army. Scraping up rations and munitions wherever possible, the rag-tag bands of settlers just want to be able to practice their freedom of religion without persecution. Off to Philadelphia they shout, thinking of the cheese-steaks dripping with whiz they will… Read More »

Bugs in Your Car? Here’s What to Do About Those Freeloaders!

Cockroaches, Ants, Bed Bugs and more Can Infest Your Car Have you found that you have little friends now traveling with you to and from work without paying their fair share? Time to stop the bus and tell them to get out! Here in Sarasota Florida we obviously have a great deal of pest pressure. From ants to roaches, many crawling insects are active all year with only slight pauses in activity during the coldest weeks in February. If you have a car parked for a long time, it is very common to find it has been infested with ants.… Read More »

How to Prepare for a Bed Bug Treatment

Exert Bed Bug Control Service is Thorough Bedbugs around Sarasota Florida can be hiding in just about anything. I recently found them on tissue paper inside of a shoebox under the bed. A professional Exterminator will take their time and check everything from the floor to the ceiling all around the bedroom. Nothing can be overlooked. Dressers and nightstands can hide bugs as well as closets, bathrooms, and ceiling fixtures like lights or fans. Bed Bugs can crawl up the walls and drop onto you in the middle of the night so neglecting the top of the walls and curtains… Read More »

JOHNNY BUGS Finds Dog Food was Source of German Cockroach Infestation in Sarasota FL House

German Cockroaches can be introduced to your Sarasota Area home with Just a Bag of Pet Food It’s like a nightmare scenario, you’ve always kept your house clean and now for the last few nights you’ve turned on the lights and seen little lightly colored German Cockroaches run to hide under something nearby. Then in a matter of days, you are seeing them in the bathrooms too. They’re even coming out during the day. Now what? Seeing Small and Medium Sized Cockroaches is Usually a Bad Sign Now you begin trying to solve the problem yourself. You sprinkle boric acid… Read More »

RED ANT INVASION That Looks like Fire Ants and Stream in All Over the House

Here in parts of Sarasota and Charlotte County Big-Headed Ants have been able to thrive and grow to epic proportions in and under resident’s homes. They are commonly mistaken for Fire Ants because of their mounding / excavating tendencies outside along drive and walkways. These polymorphic ants have funny looking soldiers that have large heads, thus the name. Make no mistake, that large head packs a huge set of mandibles that can bite and hold on to anyone threatening their colony. Finding their way into homes via cracks in caulk or grout, they can appear in one room and then… Read More »

Fruit Flies Hovering Around the Egg Nog and Other Christmas Time Pests

Well it’s that time of the year… Jolly little bugs ride on planes, trains, and automobiles to join the celebration around the tinsel. Here in Southwest Florida towns like Sarasota the warmth of winter brings those unwanted visitors down in mass droves. Bring in your Christmas tree and find it full of spiders? Maybe you tripped on the fire ants under your mistletoe…. One thing is for sure, I’m glad it isn’t snowing! Need an Exterminator? Would you like to #ShopSmall and support a family owned and operated local North Port Sarasota Business? Call us today at (941) 405-3080 or… Read More »