JOHNNY BUGS says Pest Control by Robotic Drones is coming to North Port Sarasota FL

Most of the the technological advancements in our industry revolve around the actual chemicals themselves. Small incremental improvements in efficacy, dilution amounts, and bio-active ingredients have been slowly improving for years, but delivery methods have not. The JOHNNY BUGS North Port Sarasota Pest Control Drone may be flying over soon No, it’s not currently legal to apply pesticides with drones yet, but I’m sure we will be in the not too distant future right here in North Port Sarasota. With satellite maps, I already have a bird’s eye view of your surroundings to ascertain what types of pest pressure you… Read More »

A Pest Control Penny Saved is a Pest Control Penny Earned with Johnny Bugs Sarasota Fl

Sarasota pest control requires skillful deployment of technical resources Don’t get caught in the mumbo-jumbo sales techniques used by local branches of large international pest control companies to sell you into a profitable service model that may be unneeded in your situation. Maybe you’re just a snowbird visiting southern Florida part-time. Maybe you have never needed pest control before but now have ants in the kitchen or bathroom. Many liquid pest management solutions can be bought at the local hardware stores and large home centers, but do you really feel comfortable using those old-school smelly products yourself? Do you want… Read More »

Good News! – That Outrageous Exterminator Johnny Bugs Has Just Modernized Pest Control Service from North Port to Bradenton FL

Photos courtesy of David Mario Bazan Photography Just Smile and Call Us First (941) 405-3080 How a Pest Control Icon from North Port FL Can Change an Industry for the Better Johnny Bugs hates the way this industry has locked people into poor quality service and intends to change things. This local Mom & Pop North Port Pest Control Company has grown rapidly in the face of a depressed economy and soaring expenses related to poor national environmental policies. How is this sustainable? According to Johnny, “Our no-contract service is customer oriented, and we are breaking the long established industry… Read More »

Flea & Tick Activity is Hot in Sarasota Bradenton FL

Pictures Courtesy of David Mario Bazan Photography Flea & Tick Activity is Hot Activity in the area is heating up significantly right now. From Bradenton to Port Charlotte there seems to be a deluge of Flea & Tick Activity. Home remedies have little to no effect on controlling the life cycle of quick reproduction and spreading infestations. Many times home remedies make more of smelly mess than they’re worth. Flea & Tick Activity Life Cycles Fleas start out like most pests when an adult female lays eggs. Fleas go through three additional changes. First they become larvae which will feed… Read More »

Control Sarasota Bugs

Control Sarasota Pest Bugs How can you Control Sarasota Bugs like a pro? Follow these hot tips below: Use a reference guide to correctly identify the bug at hand. There is no quicker way to tank your effort than to misidentify the bug. Google has an awesome tool where you can take a picture with your smart phone and they will reference it for you. Learn it’s habits. You need to think like the bug to beat the bug. Follow him around, eat what he eats, sleep where he sleeps. Keep you friends close, but you enemies even closer! See… Read More »

Bug Treatment Advice for Homeowners in North Port Sarasota FL

North Port FL Pest Control If you have an infestation of bugs in Sarasota County, and you need pest control in North Port FL, you basically have two options; a trip to the home improvement store or a call to a local exterminator. Bug Control for Do-It-Yourself North Port Sarasota Pest Control For the do-it-yourselfers out there, make sure to find a product that is labeled for the pest insect you need to eliminate. There are many products available and numerous active ingredients so be very careful to pick the one for your specific issue. A common misconception with homeowners… Read More »

Fleas Are Riding the Bus Home to Sarasota FL

Fleas Are Parasites That Ride the Bus Home Tonight Usually it doesn’t take long for the fleas to realize its dry season again in Florida. With moisture evaporating quickly from swamps and marshes, animals that are flea vectors begin migrating into areas with prominent water features like man-made ponds and water basins. Each of these animals thirsting for a drink carry more passengers than a bus on a weekday run in Sarasota County. (Have you ever actually seen someone on those buses?) Once these parasites arrive at their bus stop, they quickly move in and begin looking for a good… Read More »

Animal Pest Attacks Seem to be on the Rise in Southern Florida says local Exterminator

We would love to be your Sarasota Pest Control Service Provider! Let’s face it, if you live in Southern Florida, then you already know you live in a swamp, but for those of you coming south to get some rays, you may be surprised to find that the locals are not the only animals to reckon with. Here in Southern Sarasota County known as North Port, in one of the largest suburban areas, you will find a variety of non-domestic animals roaming the neighborhoods and nearby woods. The most common dangerous wild animal (aside of Alligators) you may come into… Read More »

Local Exterminator Johnny Bugs Agrees that North Port is one of the Best Small Cities to Move To

We would love to be your North Port Pest Control Company! “It’s not surprising that North Port has been named one of the best small cities to move to” says Pest Control Exterminator, Johnny Bugs. “North Port is a wonderful place to have fun and raise a family. There are miles and miles of paved walkways and bicycle paths for fitness, new community centers popping up all over, and plans to build water parks and other attractions close by. This town has grown quite a lot since I moved here and it’s nice to see that my tax dollars are… Read More »

Falling Temperatures from Sarasota to Port Charlotte are Helping Rats Get Cozy in Your Attic Tonight

We want to be your Exterminator in Sarasota and North Port! It’s that time of year again, with the drop in humidity and temperatures, rats that normally are living outside in nearby trees are beginning to migrate to your attic faster than the snowbirds come down from Canada! This annual migration happens because rodents and mice don’t like to be cold any more than our northern friends from around the country. Having a rodent problem in Florida is actually quite common since most homes built over the years were never constructed to keep these little furry neighbors from getting inside.… Read More »