Health Hazards Associated with Rodents

While most people don’t like rodents because they have an innate fear of pests, but there’s actually a more serious reason to be concerned if you have rats, mice or any other type of rodent in your home. These unwanted pests are known to carry and spread over 35 different diseases directly to humans. The spread of disease can occur if the rodent is dead or alive. It can happen during contact with the actual rodent, as well as contact with their urine, feces or saliva. Although most people don’t realize it, rodents can also spread disease through mites, ticks… Read More »

A Rat Broke Into an ATM, Ate Nearly $20,000 Worth of Cash, and Died

A Rat Broke Into an ATM, Ate Nearly $20,000 Worth of Cash, and Died Eating money will not make you rich, but rather turn your insides into tub of paper confetti. A rat in Assam state, India, learned this hard truth earlier this week when it squeezed its way inside an ATM machine, consumed and destroyed $17,662 worth of Rupees, and promptly died. The ATM in question was on the fritz for a few days when technicians were called to inspect it, Reuters reports. What they found looked like the contents of a paper shredder, with the rat already dead… Read More »

Silverfish causing a problem in your home or garage?

“Silverfish are small, silvery bugs that are found all throughout Florida. They won’t bite and they don’t carry diseases. However, they can end up being quite the nuisance. If you find silverfish, it’s because you have moisture in your home. They’re often found in bathrooms and garages because that’s where they’re likely to find the most moisture. However, if you’re finding them in other areas of your home, it could be the sign of a bigger issue, such as a leak somewhere. Silverfish can also eat their way through things that you love. They’re known to go after starchy things… Read More »

Don’t live with bugs around…

Living amongst bugs, mice, and other unwanted pests is far from a favorable prospect. During the colder months, you may notice an onslaught of bugs flooding your home. The reason these pesky bugs flock to homes during the winter is because they’re looking for shelter from harsh weather. Fortunately, our experts know what measures to take to ensure that your home is free of bugs. At Johnny Bugs, we come equipped with ant, bed bug, roach, flea, and tick exterminators. Not only do we rid your home of pests, but we also guarantee long-term results. If you reside in Manatee,… Read More »

Got rodents?

Signs of Rodents… When you live in Florida, you are more likely to have a rodent problem because the weather is hot year-round. Mice and rats will seek cooler spots to live where there is food to eat and water to drink. An important aspect of pest control is for you to understand the signs of rodent infestations so that you can call an exterminator as fast as possible. Rodents are typically active at night, so if you hear strange noises in the walls or attic, then this is often where the rats and mice are living. Contact Us Today…Rodents… Read More »

Got Bugs?

If you have pests in your home, then contact Johnny Bugs. We can come to your home to safely eliminate the pests while treating areas inside and outside your home to prevent them from returning. It’s important to keep pests away for the safety of your family and pets as some pests can carry diseases that can be transmitted to people and other animals. Johnny Bugs offers a monthly pest control program so that your home is protected throughout the year. This is beneficial as there are different pests that appear from one season to another, such as ants in… Read More »

Obtain Year Around Pest Control Services in SW Florida From Johnny Bugs, Inc.

The beautiful climate in lovely Southwestern Florida includes one minor disadvantage: the owners of homes and businesses here really do require capable pest control services throughout the entire year. Now customers in Bradenton, Sarasota, North Port, and Port Charlotte have an opportunity to obtain ongoing family-friendly (and pet-friendly) assistance during every season of the year from Johnny Bugs, Inc. Call us now at 941-405-3080 to book our services conveniently! We appreciate the vital importance of using ecologically sound techniques to exterminate warm weather pests, including spiders, bed bugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, and ants. We’ll also assist you in deterring… Read More »

Pet friendly Pest Control

Johnny Bugs Almost all homes in the world are infested by pests. some of these pests are; bedbugs, cockroaches, fire ants, fleas, and ticks. Getting rid of these pests can be very difficult if one doesn’t get the best pesticides to use. We at Johnny Bugs are determined to help our customers to get rid of these pests. Pet-friendly pesticides in Johnny Bugs In Johnny Bugs, we use pet-friendly pesticides. There are a variety of pesticides that when applied to get rid of pests in our homes, they affect our pets. The pets may become sick or even die due… Read More »

The Complete Guide to Home Flea Control

Getting rid of fleas can feel like a battle, but if you don’t handle the situation just right, it could really be more of an ongoing war. At Johnny Bugs, Inc., we see flea infestations on a regular basis in households with dogs and cats. In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about your potential flea infestation, from identifying the pests to getting rid of them once and for all.

Spiders You Should Be Made Aware Of When Living in Florida

Here at Johnny Bugs, Inc., our family-owned business is in the pest control line of work because we care about the homes, families, and pets in our community. When our spider exterminators are sent out to work in the Sarasota County area, we use pet-friendly, odorless treatments, which help keep toxins to a minimum. Our team at Johnny Bugs, Inc. is always trying to minimize any potential dangers for residents, which is why we aggressively hunt down pests at each job. One of the many pests we exterminate are spiders, which in Florida are some of the most dangerous. Continue… Read More »