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Flea Exterminators

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Flea exterminators like Johnny Bugs Pest Control Company have proven methods for getting a severe flea infestation under control quickly. Johnny Bugs has been featured in two national pest industry publications for service innovations and is proud of having a true five-star rating across all social media platforms.

How do I know if I have a flea infestation?
Fleas are amazing little dudes. They can jump up as high as your waist and reproduce in any cool, dark place. Although carpet and grass are preferred, tile grout and sand can still provide fleas with a good home.

While fleas are tiny insects, they can bite hard and jump up to three feet high. Fleas are attracted to light-colored clothing and objects. If you think you are being bitten, you can throw a clean white sock near to where your pets spend a lot of time, and you will see them jump right on. If this is the case, you need to do something fast because, within a few weeks, you will be overrun. Since most of us have our pets sleep nearby, the fleas may be happy eating you, as well.

Can I stop a flea infestation myself?
Fleas can be a nightmare if they’re left too long. While developing into adults, fleas can hide in cocoons for almost a year without a meal, so it’s not uncommon to hear stories of people coming home to a massive attack all at once. Maybe they got hungry while waiting for you to bring dinner back home from Philly.

Adult fleas are not difficult to control when you understand their basic biology. From larvae to adult, fleas have distinct behaviors. In your Sarasota house, flea larvae are glued to the base of the carpet strands and left to feed on spills of dried blood. They soon gather nearby debris and make an impenetrable cocoon around themselves to change into that final stage of adulthood.

Vibration or people’s breath can draw them out in an instant. And all of a sudden, they’ll leap onto you or Fluffy to have a cocktail. Once full, they will drop off and shortly be ready to start making babies. A skilled flea exterminator like Johnny Bugs Pest Control will use EPA reduced risk, no-odor products to get total flea control fast.

Over-the-counter products have high amounts of active ingredients and usually rely on old, smelly technology that can be far too weak to stop a serious problem.

Do certain parts of Florida need flea exterminators more than others?
In Florida’s Manatee County, Charlotte County, and Sarasota County, flea season typically peaks in the fall when the weather starts to dry up the swampy areas. With an influx of raccoons and squirrels to hitch a ride on out of the woods, they will soon take up residence in your yard. Fleas can still be a nuisance all year long, however, so keep a keen eye out for these little black jumpers.

Where do fleas live outside?
Fleas prefer to be in shady areas where animals or pets frequent. Under that large live oak would be a great spot for a picnic feeding! Make sure your flea exterminator treats everywhere they may have infested, or they’ll be back. Call Johnny Bugs Pest Control Company and rest assured you have a highly trained flea exterminator on the way!

John takes care of my place and always does it right! No bugs ever! unless they are dead! Ants everything! all gone! no fire ants for my kids to step on! Call Johnny bugs!

~ Jared S.

John came out today on very short notice to treat fungus gnats. He was prompt, polite and professional. He thoroughly explained his process, his service and his guarantee. I highly recommend this company!

~ Dr. Carole G.

John did an awesome job. I had some pests outside, but on Thursday I inadvertently disturbed a yellow jacket nest. He came out on Friday and treated my yard, house, and the nest. He even rid my pool area of spider webs. I had a list in my head of what I wanted him to do. He accomplished everything on my list without me asking. He’s prompt, thorough, courteous, and personable. He’s even going to contact me in three months to see how things are going. I highly recommend Johnny Bugs! Thanks also to Thumbtack.

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Excellent service and results.

~ Richard E.

John from Johnny bugs goes above and beyond for his clients. He has always returned calls quickly if he was doing a job and couldn’t answer. He travels approximately 50 miles each way to do my house and he beat everyone else’s prices. Always personable and professional. Highly recommend him for any job

~ Terry S.