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Pet Care for Fleas and Ticks

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Pet care for fleas and ticks can be challenging.  Let’s face it, our pets are very important members of the family. The first step is to know it’s important to care for them by keeping them properly groomed. Grooming needs be done on a regular basis to keep hair short and remove pet dander. Frequent brushing can help eliminate heavy shedding and dog discomfort. Be careful to buy natural and Organic Pet Care products to minimize harmful reactions. Always buy pet food and treats that are made in the United States. Our friends at Sarasota Dog Groomers The Plush Pup recommend a good monthly bathing to keep odor and hair to a minimum.

Using an oatmeal based shampoo is both natural and will not remove the expensive flea and tick medication you have used. The frequency of grooming for dogs and cats varies by species and hair type, so call the local Sarasota Dog and Cat Groomers at the Plush Pup to learn more. Call them at (941) 921-1843.

Sarasota Flea & Tick Control is aided by regular bathing and brushing the animals coat

Maintain proper pet care for fleas and ticks by paying close attention to the animal. Having fleas or ticks on your pet is common when living in Sarasota Florida. Insect pressure is high all year long. Frequently the busiest season for flea control is when the area is dry. Subsequently, wild animals will come closer to water features on properties and bring fleas. Fleas like to reproduce in the shaded grass around your house for frequent access to your dog. Although commonly found on dogs as well, we mostly deal with the “cat flea” here in the Sarasota area. Fleas have four stages of growth and can grow to vast numbers in as little as a few months if left untreated. Therefore, treatment for fleas in your home should include treatment of any carpeted rooms and all fabric up to waist high Fleas can jump up to three feet).

Common Flea and Tick Control Medications for Sarasota Pets

Effective flea and tick control products are given both orally or by skin application. The active ingredients most used include Fipronil, Imidacloprid, Pyrethroids, and IGR (Insect growth regulators). Not all products are the same. I would tend to stay away from generic brands based on my personal experiences. If you asked me which of the above products were the best I would advise, whichever you have not used recently. To ensure proper pet care for fleas and ticks, rotating the animals medications is as important. Bugs gain resistance to pesticides over time.

Most pet care for fleas and ticks use a combination of products to achieve the best results. Remember that if you have applied a product dermally (to the skin) that soap will render the products neutral and eliminate your protection. Always use an oatmeal or other non-soap based product if washing more frequently than you apply the pet medication. There are many organic and natural pest repellents available, but I would recommend using a professional product that has a minimum amount of active ingredient and doesn’t have a harsh odor like most organic pest control products.

In conclusion, if you need help with your pet care for fleas and ticks, don’t hesitate to call Johnny Bugs. We use the least toxic means to eradicate a pest infestation and protect you dogs and cats from pesticide exposures. Homes that have pets like birds and fish can be treated as well. Call today for a free pest control treatment quote (941) 405-3080

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