Ant Infestation Found Because of Dirt Around the Baseboards

Ant Infestation Found Because of Dirt Around the Baseboards

Ant infestation due to Big-headed ants are a common Florida problem. The ants live in super colonies comprised of multiple queens and can reproduce and create huge infestations that sometime span entire neighborhood blocks. Big-Headed ant soldiers have much larger heads. Treating an infestation of big-headed ants can be a challenge. First, we advise our clients to leave the evidence for us to see the entry points inside the home. Then, a crack and crevice treatment can be done both inside and out to destroy the lot of them. Subsequently, most of these ants live under sidewalks and patios so these areas require additional treatment to control this ant infestation.

Sarasota Carpenter Ant control infestationsCarpenter Ants also can Create Piles of Dirt & Bug Parts

Carpenter ants of Florida infest seasoned wood (previously damaged) and will feed on other insects in the wood (like termites). Florida Carpenter Ants do not eat wood like their northern relatives. Carpenter ants can also push dirt out of their nest and create bone piles of bug parts they have eaten. Stubby Florida Carpenter Ants are reddish brown in color and are the largest ant found in Sarasota Florida. These ants will travel long distances and can live in several places at one time like trees or door frames on the side of your garage.

Need Help with an Ant Infestation?

Ant infestation control for fast results just call or text Johnny Bugs Pest Control today at (941) 405-3080 to get a free pest control treatment quote. We are the local pet-friendly pest control company.

Perimeter Pest Treatments Are The Backbone of Local Exterminator Pest Prevention

Local Exterminator Johnny Bugs Describes Why Perimeter Pest Control Treatments are the Backbone of Pest Elimination Services

Once the bugs inside are dead, the only thing keeping more from coming back in is the outside perimeter pest treatment. Many times a pest control company will offer both inside and/or outside only treatments. If you are not experiencing an inside bug issue, you may be able to have just a perimeter pest treatment. One of the things that Johnny Bugs does, that our competitors don’t, is start by wiping away all cobwebs from the outside. This presents clean and fresh curb appeal and minimizes the reinfestaion of spiders and their messy webs. Next, a spray treatment should be done around all the doors and windows where bugs are likely to crawl in. Ants love window ledges and many times small holes from settlement cracks of dried window seal caulking will allow a point of entry.

Effective Ant Control Begins with Perimeter Pest Treatments

Ants are common in the lush Florida landscapes. Many will nest in and around bushes to harvest sweet honeydew from aphids that are feeding on the plant juices. Tree branches can provide bridges from the landscape to the roof and even onto neighboring houses depending on how close the neighbors may be. Sometimes the infestation you are experiencing may be caused by your neighbors overgrown trees. Small sugar ants like ghost ants live certain kinds of bushes and especially potted plants or raised planting beds. They can trail from one side of the house to another and emerge clear on the other side of the house, or as in this video below, right in the middle of a dry office room.

Cockroach Control Begins in the Garden Outside

Cockroaches like the menacing Palmetto Bugs of Southern Florida shown below are landscape pests that are only occasional inside invaders. They need a lot of moisture to survive and the frsh mulch you applied is prime location for them. Because plant and mulch beds tend to hold water well into the off season, these areas are places that large cockroaches call home. Many species of palm plants also provide the habitat they crave. Nestled deep between the fronds of the palm bushes a small ecosystem full of roaches is waiting just outside your door to run in around you the next time you come walking by. Maybe you have even experienced the Australian Cockroach who is an avid flyer and will cruise to an altitude about shoulder height to fly inside.

Local Exterminator Johnny Bugs Knows How to Handle Pest Control with Effective Perimeter Treatments

When it’s hot and muggy Johnny Bugs can be found creeping around the outside looking for pest entry points. Spraying the soffits will eliminate large spiders that tend to hide there and hunt for carpenter ants. Spraying around the doors and windows provides a barrier to crawling pests like ants and cockroaches. A thorough application to the base of the foundation and nearby will keep many species of nuisance pests away like earwigs and landscape spiders. A skilled technician will be able to identify the harborage areas these perimeter pests use to shelter. Johnny Bugs is the trusted local Sarasota Exterminator. Free Quotes (941) 405-3080 – What’s Bugging you?

Sarasota Exterminator uses Apple Watch to Improve Pest Control Services

Stepping up to the front door I can hear the dog barking at my arrival. What was the dogs name? I know i wrote it down last time for the office to add to upcoming appointments. Wait a minute, with he flick of the wrist I can see the full appointment details which now includes “bruiser” as the friendly gigantic Mastiff.

As I walk into the home and make friendly conversation with Mrs. Customer, I get a gentle tap on the wrist and notice that my next appointment has sent me a message that they need to leave early. With another quick glance I can see how long it will take me to drive to their house so I pick up the treatment pace and keep the small talk to a minimum. While in the back of the house, I get yet another message from my wife that I need to pick up the kids from daycare later. The quick glance down provided me the important information without rudely checking my phone while I am supposed to be working. With haste, we move outside to begin cleaning cob-webs off the house. Cool, I just got a notification on my wrist that I have nearly met my calorie burn goal for the day and it’s still early. As I briskly walk around the house, I find numerous fire ant mounds in the yard that will need attention. Brushing out the garage and screened lanai (pool enclosure) has just tallied up another fifteen minutes of exercise. After filling my outside compressed air sprayer, I begin to treat for crawling pests like ants along the foundation, soffits / eaves, and around the doors and windows. Suddenly the phone starts ringing. I don’t want to pull it from my pocket while gloved but I may need to take the call. What do I do? I glance at my watch again and realize it’s a new client who has been playing phone tag with me for days. I hit the button on the watch and answer the call. What’s great is I don’t miss a step and get to hear their Sarasota Pest Control needs and ask them to call back to confirm the appointment time when I finish what I’m doing. With another quick glance, I can pin-point an arrival time on my calendar and the customer is thrilled I will be exterminating their ants in a few hours.

People ask me all the time “do you really need an Apple Watch?” My answer is no, not really, but it sure makes my life as the owner of a Sarasota Extermination Business much easier. Plus I find that I don’t feel the pressing need to keep pulling out my phone to check if people need me. I can alerts from all my incoming messages like Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text Messages, and more. I answer bug questions, look at pictures to provide insect identification for customers, and can set alarms for when I need to start wrapping things up when I am at Chatty Kathy’s house. It sure is nice to not have to be glued to the smartphone all day.

One of the early complaints I heard was battery life. I was skeptical it would last all day while using constantly at work, but to my surprise, it holds a charge all day. Most days I still have 25% battery left when I go to bed. It certainly meets my daily usage needs. In Florida, it also gets exposed to humidity and rain sometimes while outside for extended periods like spraying a yard for fire ants and takes a licking and keeps on ticking…

One area of the watch that I must brag on is the fitness tracking features. I find myself working hard to meet my daily fitness goals and have even started a running regimen. Would I have done this without and Apple Watch? Probabbly not, but it sure makes it easy to stay on track and focus on my personal goals. Juggling the duties of raising four children and running a full time business makes time precious. I have always needed to wear a watch to be able to use every minute of the day effectively. This time piece has taken this to an all new level of detail and may even help me find a few minutes for myself. Well, I can dream, can’t I?
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Air Conditioner Drip Lines are an Oasis for Sarasota Bugs

Are your bugs sipping daiquiris on the deck by the Siesta Key pool? And by pool, I mean the puddle that is dripping back in under the slab on the side of your Sarasota home. People are always asking what they should do to take preventative pest control measures against crawling insect infestations. One of the most common and easily remedied problems can be solved with just a piece of extension hose. Extend the outlet your HVAC system uses to vent condensation and moisture it has removed from the air of your home. This constant drip creates the sweet sounds of Florida paradise for many pest species.

American Cockroaches need high levels of moisture to survive the hot Sarasota sun. Typically an outside pest labeled an occasional invader, the largest roach in our area loves the outside oasis your drip creates. They are able to reproduce in large numbers under the wet concrete slab and then find their way into you house by running along plumbing pipes and emerging in the kitchen and bathroom. Drying out the slab is an absolute necessity in most large cockroach infestations we find.

Carpenter Ants also love to mingle with the nearby robust bodied females. Also know as the bull ant to many locals, these big ol ants are found running up the side of the house or popping up from time to time in your bathrooms. Unlike their friends above, the Carpenter Ant will go high and move into your attic or live in the nearby trees. Using a little known law in Florida to take possession of an unoccupied place, they freeload, reproduce, and live off the welfare you provide.

Do you need to kill bugs? Do you want them really dead? So dead they flip over on their back and lay there praying for reprisal? You found the right Sarasota Exterminator. We can quickly solve those frisky little pest control issues. Don’t wait another day, call now!

Bugs in Your Car? Here’s What to Do About Those Freeloaders!

Cockroaches, Ants, Bed Bugs and more Can Infest Your Car

Have you found that you have little friends now traveling with you to and from work without paying their fair share? Time to stop the bus and tell them to get out! Here in Sarasota Florida we obviously have a great deal of pest pressure. From ants to roaches, many crawling insects are active all year with only slight pauses in activity during the coldest weeks in February. If you have a car parked for a long time, it is very common to find it has been infested with ants. All types of ants will take up residence in your car, truck, or boat. Argentine Tree Ants are one of the most common species that will invade due to close proximity of trees or wooded areas. Carpenter Ants also find high value real estate under your dashboard and inside your doors and trunk. Sometimes, Ghost Ants (also known as sugar ants) can set up shop inside a car or boat as well. Did little Johnny leave some cookie crumbs while riding in the car seat? I’m willing to bet he did!

German Cockroaches can find a happy harborage inside a frequently used vehicle here on the suncoast. Many times you may have picked up a transient hitchhiker by going to an infested restaurant where they will shimmy into your purse sitting on the floor or bench next to you. Usually I will always check a restaurant’s bathroom upon arrival because many times it can be indicative of the overall cleanliness of the establishment. If it’s foul, then get out of there ASAP!

Bed Bugs are also common riders in cars but don’t qualify you to use the HOA lanes, sorry. Female BedBugs will always try to escape an active infestation because of their biology. Bed Bug males attack the females using a method called “violent insemination” to impregnate them. It’s pretty gross but if you want to learn more about their sick and twisted reproduction habits, Bed Bug Reproduction

How to Get Bugs Out of a Vehicle

Most people will go to the hardware store and purchase a can of total-release fogger insecticide and use two or three cans (Way too much!). Usually this kills some of the bugs on contact, but never all of them. Foggers can also have the unintended consequence of driving them into other places thus spreading around the infestation and making it much worse. Bugs exposed but not killed will be able to reproduce and create offspring immune to the products used in many cases. Many strains of Bed Bugs are already resistant to most over the counter products so using them is really wasting your time when your going to need help from a professional anyway. This will especially be true with German Cockroaches and Bed Bugs. Even professional exterminators struggle with controlling bedbugs. If you do decide to go it alone, then choose the right product and follow the label directions explicitly. More is not better. Many times products are made to only work in specific dosages with little margin for error.

Hire a Professional Exterminator to Control Pests in Cars

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