Rodent Prevention and Remediation

Rodent Prevention

Did you know that one male and one female rat can produce up to 3,000 offspring in eleven months? If you interested in protecting your home from rodent intrusion, than there are two options. The first is to professional seal all openings or gaps that a rat can get through. This method is called “Rodent Exclusion” and is price estimated on time, materials, and follow-up trips to monitor snap traps.

As a strong measure of prevention, we recommend placing Tamper Resistant Rodent Bait Stations around the perimeter. Ask your technician how many would be recommended based on the size of your house.

These boxes include a patio stone to keep them in place, special mounting rods to hold bait firmly, and interior baffles that prevent non-target species like raccoons or other animals from getting to the bait. These high quality stations require a special key to open for additional safety. They are low profile, and black in color so as to provide a hidden appearance when placed around the outside perimeter of your home.

Sarasota Bradenton Rodent Control Specialist Johnny Bugs

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There’s a Mouse in My House!

Oh no, there’s a mouse in my house! Well probably not really because there are very few mice here in Florida. In all actuality, you are probably hearing rats running through the attic. People fear rodents quite a lot and for good reason. Rodents contaminate up to 20% of the world’s food supply each year with contaminants like hantavirus and bacteria from their droppings. Rats commonly find their way in through openings on the outside of the structure and snowbirds come home to find them taking up seasonal residence. Air conditioning plumbing is one of their favorite access points as they climb up the plumbing insulation and directly into the attic and then run across the duct-work.

How can you control these critters? What if it is really mice and not rats? How will I know the difference? These are common questions I face as an exterminator and there are seldom quick answers. Fully evaluating the situation and the nearby habitat is the only way to first identify what species has moved in to your home. Once I have identified the culprit, I can move to the second step, ascertaining the entry points and devising a plan to keep them out and trap any little friends left inside. Commonly called “rodent exclusion” here in Sarasota, this process involves sealing all entry points smaller than the size of a quarter. This can be a tedious task that requires a keen eye and excellent knowledge of the biology and habits of the animals with which you are dealing. The good news is that the infestation can be dealt with quickly and safely when you choose the right professional, like Johnny Bugs!

John Passport Photo SmallJohnny Bugs, Inc. has the experience and tenacity to rid your home of these unwanted pests quickly and without resorting to the use of poison. Trust Johnny Bugs to find the right solution to your problem and to deal with it discreetly and professionally. Your next step should be to call me at (941) 405-3080 so you can get back to a restful night’s sleep and stop worrying about those uninvited guests upstairs! Visit our website to learn more about our local family business: