Rodent Prevention and Remediation

Rodent Prevention Did you know that one male and one female rat can produce up to 3,000 offspring in eleven months? If you interested in protecting your home from rodent intrusion, than there are two options. The first is to professional seal all openings or gaps that a rat can get through. This method is called “Rodent Exclusion” and is price estimated on time, materials, and follow-up trips to monitor snap traps. As a strong measure of prevention, we recommend placing Tamper Resistant Rodent Bait Stations around the perimeter. Ask your technician how many would be recommended based on the… Read More »

There’s a Mouse in My House!

Oh no, there’s a mouse in my house! Well probably not really because there are very few mice here in Florida. In all actuality, you are probably hearing rats running through the attic. People fear rodents quite a lot and for good reason. Rodents contaminate up to 20% of the world’s food supply each year with contaminants like hantavirus and bacteria from their droppings. Rats commonly find their way in through openings on the outside of the structure and snowbirds come home to find them taking up seasonal residence. Air conditioning plumbing is one of their favorite access points as… Read More »