Fruit Flies Hovering Around the Egg Nog and Other Christmas Time Pests

Well it’s that time of the year… Jolly little bugs ride on planes, trains, and automobiles to join the celebration around the tinsel. Here in Southwest Florida towns like Sarasota the warmth of winter brings those unwanted visitors down in mass droves. Bring in your Christmas tree and find it full of spiders? Maybe you tripped on the fire ants under your mistletoe…. One thing is for sure, I’m glad it isn’t snowing! Need an Exterminator? Would you like to #ShopSmall and support a family owned and operated local North Port Sarasota Business? Call us today at (941) 405-3080 or… Read More »

Control Sarasota Bugs

Control Sarasota Pest Bugs How can you Control Sarasota Bugs like a pro? Follow these hot tips below: Use a reference guide to correctly identify the bug at hand. There is no quicker way to tank your effort than to misidentify the bug. Google has an awesome tool where you can take a picture with your smart phone and they will reference it for you. Learn it’s habits. You need to think like the bug to beat the bug. Follow him around, eat what he eats, sleep where he sleeps. Keep you friends close, but you enemies even closer! See… Read More »

Bugs on Your Boat?

Yes, even your boat can get infested with bugs like Carpenter Ants, Silverfish, and Cockroaches! Even if the boat is left in the water at the dock, it can be subjected to relentless pressure from nearby ants that like to live near the waterways from Venice north to Sarasota and Bradenton Florida. Many times boats can go unattended for weeks if not months at a time, leaving the perfect ecosystem available to pests that do not want to be disturbed by human activity. High humidity under covered vessels coupled with the shade of the interior seating can create favorite environments… Read More »

Swarming Ants or Termites?

It’s that time again in the Sarasota area for swarming bugs to make their appearance. Very often confused for termites, flying carpenter ant swarms will be found on and around the outside of windows and doors all around the west coast of Florida each spring. These bugs are drawn toward the light they see inside at night. Because both carpenter ants and subterranean termites tend to swarm at the same time each year, many homeowners from Bradenton to Port Charlotte call us panicked that an infestation has surfaced. Here are the facts: when a colony of ants or termites has… Read More »