Ant Infestation Found Because of Dirt Around the Baseboards

Ant Infestation Found Because of Dirt Around the Baseboards

Ant infestation due to Big-headed ants are a common Florida problem. The ants live in super colonies comprised of multiple queens and can reproduce and create huge infestations that sometime span entire neighborhood blocks. Big-Headed ant soldiers have much larger heads. Treating an infestation of big-headed ants can be a challenge. First, we advise our clients to leave the evidence for us to see the entry points inside the home. Then, a crack and crevice treatment can be done both inside and out to destroy the lot of them. Subsequently, most of these ants live under sidewalks and patios so these areas require additional treatment to control this ant infestation.

Sarasota Carpenter Ant control infestationsCarpenter Ants also can Create Piles of Dirt & Bug Parts

Carpenter ants of Florida infest seasoned wood (previously damaged) and will feed on other insects in the wood (like termites). Florida Carpenter Ants do not eat wood like their northern relatives. Carpenter ants can also push dirt out of their nest and create bone piles of bug parts they have eaten. Stubby Florida Carpenter Ants are reddish brown in color and are the largest ant found in Sarasota Florida. These ants will travel long distances and can live in several places at one time like trees or door frames on the side of your garage.

Need Help with an Ant Infestation?

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How Your Bug Buddy Johnny Bugs Deals with Sarasota Problem Ants

Crazy Ants

Sarasota Problem Ants Nearby

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There are several species of ants that we frequently encounter while doing pest control service in Sarasota. We call them the “big three”: Fire Ants, Carpenter Ants, and Sugar Ants (AKA: Ghost Ants). In the next few years, I’m sure we will be adding the Caribbean Raspberry Crazy Ants to that list. Let’s discuss each of these Sarasota Problem Ants quickly.

Fire Ants Prevalent in Sarasota

All three counties from Manatee to Charlotte have high levels of Fire Ant activity. Most homes we treat have at least a few fire ant mounds somewhere nearby. In South Florida, we have two types we encounter, both the native fire ants and the imported fire ants. Native fire ants are far less aggressive whereas imported fire ants will react with an all-out assault in just a few moments. See Sarasota Ant Video below:

Carpenter Ants in Sarasota County

These like to live in damaged wood or nest in trees. Although technically they are not listed as “wood-destroying” insects for the sake of a Real Estate Pest Inspection, they can make a mess in areas where water or termite intrusion has occurred. These Sarasota Problem AntsCarpenter Ant also like to live in people’s attics and climb down through bathroom and kitchen vent fans, while subsequently being found most often in these areas of the home.

Sugar (Ghost) Ants Also Common in Sarasota

Here they come! Trailing clear across the house and emerging somewhere to find food and water. These Sarasota Problem Ants tend to generate the most calls to our business because the infestation puts them right in front of you on the kitchen sink and in your stored food pantry. Below is a video of some Sarasota Problem Ants emerging from a crack in the baseboard of an interior room feeding on bait:

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Pest Control

Australian Cockroach
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What is pest control? How do I know if I have a mouse in my home? Does Sarasota Pest Control include both the inside and outside of my home and what types of bugs will I see?

These are just a few of the common questions that customers all over the area are asking. Pest control is a treatment that either eliminates or prevents crawling insect infestations. Examples of pests controlled include large roaches, silverfish, earwigs, and ants. Additional treatments and methods may be needed to eliminate other types of infestations like spiders and German roaches. Most pest control companies treat your home at least four times per year to ensure you don’t have any unwanted guests.

Speaking of unwanted guests, how about when you hear noises in the walls or attic? How do you know if you have a mouse squiggling around? What was that creature running across the ductwork?

Well first of all, mice are very rare in southern Florida. Most times we deal with fruit rats and sometimes raccoons and squirrels. Solving a rodent problem can be a difficult task as doing it properly involves preventing entry and using mouse or rat traps to rid the structure of the vermin over a two week period. I highly recommend leaving pest control to professionals like us and especially not handling pesticides without training and protective gear.

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Need a treatment or want to ask some questions? You need Johnny Bugs! Johnny Bugs, Inc. is a leader in least toxic treatment strategies that solve serious problems fast. Visit our website to learn more or call (941) 405-3080 right now before it gets worse. Thank you for supporting local family business!

Sarasota Swarms with Ants Again

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It’s that time of season! With the relentless humidity and heavy rains bearing down on us, huge swarms of winged ants have been observed all throughout the counties of Manatee, Sarasota, and Port Charlotte. Phones have been ringing off the hook this week with people concerned that they may be witnessing massive termite swarms. Most cases are actually just carpenter ants, harmless in many ways, but a major nuisance when swarming in mass numbers. Especially if they are found inside. These swarms are just part of the normal cycle of life where ants go searching for greener pastures to set up nests and invade new structures. Although most are coming from nearby trees, a pest control treatment can aid in eliminating them from crawling into your home and setting up shop.

Despite their name, Carpenter Ants rarely do any damage other than just excavating previously damaged wood. Many times the infestation can be found in exterior door frames damaged by water being wicked-up the outer frame. Also, homeowners will see these ants in a bathroom or kitchen because they are nesting in the attic above and making their way down into your living space around high-hat light fixtures, bathroom fan vents, and plumbing protrusions. What should you do?

Ant Logo mediumBefore you reach for that can of smelly bug spray, call a professional company like Johnny Bugs, Inc. to check out your home to ensure a larger problem doesn’t exist. Contact sprays will kill a few workers, but leave the nest unaffected. Professional products placed in areas of foraging will be the best remedy. Call today to schedule your treatment or learn more at!