Venomous Spiders in Sarasota Florida

Venomous Spiders in Sarasota Florida

Every day we field calls from Sarasota residents who are scared of venomous spiders. Have no fear, Johnny Bugs is here! Research shows that only a couple species of Florida Spiders have fangs long enough to give spider bites. Spiders are important and beneficial insects that suppress flying insects. True spider bites do not get inflamed or red. The bite will be flat, cool to the touch, and blueish in color.

Brown Recluse Spiders

The brown recluse is a spider with toxic venom that causes severe necrosis (skin melting). This spider is not an established pest in the Sarasota pest control treatment zone. Most brown recluse spider bites that do occur are from people transporting them in their things. The brown recluse spider should be feared and respected. When it bites, you are going to have a bad day (or several).

Brown Widow Spiders

Brown Widow Spiders are found around doors and windows. They can be found quickly because of their odd looking spider egg cocoons which look like spiked balls. The Brown Widow Spider has the same amount of toxic spider venom as the Black Widow, but is mostly docile.

Black Widow Spiders

Black Widow Spider activity is common in garages and storage sheds of South Florida. This spider is found hiding behind boxes and stored items. It can be very aggressive if agitated or threatened, so be care if you find one. The Black Widow Spider gets it’s name from its viscous habit of preying upon any male with whom she has mated. This highly venomous spider is easily recognized by its red hourglass shaped marking on its abdomen. Watch out for the Black Widow Spider!

False Widow Spiders will also have a red marking on their abdomen but are found in the outside landscape. Preferably, it will make its webs in the plants that surround your home. Long attaching strings make strong webs.

Wolf Spiders known as the Sarasota Housekeeper

The Wolf Spider is an awesome hunter / killer species of Florida spiders. The Florida Wolf Spider can grow to the size of your hand and is known locally as the “housekeeper” because of its propensity to feed on both live and dead bugs found inside. Wolf spiders can be very aggressive so approach them with great caution or they will leap right at you.

Sarasota Spider Control by Johnny Bugs for Venomous Spiders. Our treatment always includes removal of cob webs and a thorough spider control treatment. Call or Text (941) 405-3080 for a free quote over the phone for Spider Control.

Wiping Away Cobwebs First Helps with Venomous Sarasota Spider Control

Spider Control can be effective if done properly

One of the tenements of controlling and keep venomous spiders out of your home is to too remove their webs and treat the area thoroughly using products that target the spiders biological habits. In the video above, I am attending to spiders found outside the house. This Banana Spider is a rare find on houses here in Sarasota Florida, but the house was in a wooded area with no neighbors for quite a distance. These spiders typically don’t usually hunt on the side of people’s houses. As most spiders ambush their prey by ensnaring them in fine strands of sticky threads we call cobwebs, our first task while doing pest control treatments outside is to remove them and their webs from around the house, in the garage, and in an enclosed patio or screened lanai. Once the webs are brushed away and the accompanying spiders evicted, a spray treatment is done to ensure they don’t return for up to three months.

Crab Spiders Like to Infest Sarasota Pool Cages

If you have a screened in porch (which we call pool cages here) then you have most likely ran into one of these guys webs. They attach the web framework from great distances and create very pretty orb patterns that hang above and in the corners of your lanai. The Spiny Orb Weaver is a classic Sarasota Pest. They reproduce quickly and can fill an enclosed are with impenetrable wire-like strands that are quite resilient to attempts to disrupt them.

Sarasota Pest Control by Johnny Bugs

Johnny Bugs, Inc. is a local exterminator who specializes in pet-friendly treatments. We solve difficult pest problems quickly and offer evening and Saturday appointments if needed. Call the local pest control expert (941) 405-3080 for free quote or visit to learn more today!

Venomous Spiders of Southwest Florida

Happy Faced Orb Weaver Spider
**Picture Courtesy of Emmy Bowman Photography**

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Welcome to the Swamp full of Venomous Spiders we call North Port Sarasota

Welcome to my lanai, just watch you don’t get a face full of spider webs while you make your way to the pool. Hey, be careful of Black Widow Spiders while you’re going out to the spare refrigerator in the garage to get a cold brew. Going out for a while? Don’t disturb the Brown Recluse Spider in your old shoes. These are just a few of the scenarios we face everyday in the Bradenton and Sarasota area of Southwest Florida. Although all spiders are venomous, only a select few pose a risk to humanity. Spiders digest their prey by injecting venom that melts the insides of bugs so they can sip on the resulting cocktail.

North Port Sarasota Pest Control Exposes Technicians to Venomous Spiders Daily

Florida screen enclosures (also know as pool cages to us here) can become heavily infested with Spiny Orb Weaver spiders who can be a major nuisance while trying to enjoy your indoor habitat. They replicate quickly and make huge orbital webs. They also look pretty scary, although they are relatively harmless. (See above picture) Brown Widow spiders leave eggs that look like spiked globes around doors and windows and although they are also as poisonous as their more well know cousin, they rarely bite, even if heavily provoked. The more dangerous spider of the aforementioned bunch is the black widow. These little black devils are found in seldom disturbed places such as stored items in garages and in boats and vacant homes. Even children’s toys left out in the yard for a few days. These spiders can be very aggressive if bothered and I recommend you stay away unless you have a can of bug spray nearby. Do you want to rid yourself of these spider pests once and for all?

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