Venomous Spiders in Sarasota Florida

Venomous Spiders in Sarasota Florida Every day we field calls from Sarasota residents who are scared of venomous spiders. Have no fear, Johnny Bugs is here! Research shows that only a couple species of Florida Spiders have fangs long enough to give spider bites. Spiders are important and beneficial insects that suppress flying insects. True spider bites do not get inflamed or red. The bite will be flat, cool to the touch, and blueish in color. Brown Recluse Spiders The brown recluse is a spider with toxic venom that causes severe necrosis (skin melting). This spider is not an established pest in the Sarasota… Read More »

Wiping Away Cobwebs First Helps with Venomous Sarasota Spider Control

Spider Control can be effective if done properly One of the tenements of controlling and keep venomous spiders out of your home is to too remove their webs and treat the area thoroughly using products that target the spiders biological habits. In the video above, I am attending to spiders found outside the house. This Banana Spider is a rare find on houses here in Sarasota Florida, but the house was in a wooded area with no neighbors for quite a distance. These spiders typically don’t usually hunt on the side of people’s houses. As most spiders ambush their prey… Read More »

Venomous Spiders of Southwest Florida

**Picture Courtesy of Emmy Bowman Photography** Like us on Facebook Welcome to the Swamp full of Venomous Spiders we call North Port Sarasota Welcome to my lanai, just watch you don’t get a face full of spider webs while you make your way to the pool. Hey, be careful of Black Widow Spiders while you’re going out to the spare refrigerator in the garage to get a cold brew. Going out for a while? Don’t disturb the Brown Recluse Spider in your old shoes. These are just a few of the scenarios we face everyday in the Bradenton and Sarasota… Read More »