JOHNNY BUGS Finds Dog Food was Source of German Cockroach Infestation in Sarasota FL House

German Cockroaches can be introduced to your Sarasota Area home with Just a Bag of Pet Food It’s like a nightmare scenario, you’ve always kept your house clean and now for the last few nights you’ve turned on the lights and seen little lightly colored German Cockroaches run to hide under something nearby. Then in a matter of days, you are seeing them in the bathrooms too. They’re even coming out during the day. Now what? Seeing Small and Medium Sized Cockroaches is Usually a Bad Sign Now you begin trying to solve the problem yourself. You sprinkle boric acid… Read More »

Large Cockroaches

Palmetto Bugs, Water Bugs, Roaches… No matter what you choose to call him, the American Cockroach is unfazed and marches on. These very large roaches have given birth to Florida folklore being big enough to carry off a small child! These are just one type of a few large roaches we deal with here in Sarasota Florida. Others include the Brown-Banded and Woods Cockroach. All large cockroaches tend to be occasional invaders and not usually a interior nuisance unless they are left un-checked. They roaches tend to hide in warm moist locations like attics, gutters, and under exterior mulch. Since… Read More »