Terms and Conditions


  1. Johnny Bugs, Inc. agrees to provide guaranteed pest control service, unless otherwise indicated, for an initial term of 3 months (90 days). Additional treatments outside of routine visits for crawling pests specified will be rendered promptly and at no additional cost when requested by customer and deemed necessary by Johnny Bugs, Inc. provided the customer accepts regular service every 90 days or on recommended service frequency
  2. Customer agrees to make the premises available for service and to accept such service for the duration of agreed term. Should entire premises not be available at time of pre-scheduled service visit, Johnny Bugs, Inc. will render treatment where possible and bill you for the regular service amount. Additional treatments not completed due to the aforementioned or because you were not home will require an additional trip charge of $75
  3. Customer acknowledges that this agreement shall be for an initial term of 90 days and all rights and provisions expire thereafter
  4. Our annual service agreement includes four services performed on a quarterly basis. If the interior is included in the agreement but no one is available at the time of service, the technician will service the exterior only and you (the customer) must call to re-schedule the interior to be serviced and it must be within that calendar quarter, no exceptions. The annual service agreement is valid for one calendar year and is transferable to new owners. The agreement will end upon the anniversary date of the initial service and must be renewed to schedule any appointments outside of your currently covered quarter.
  5. Customer agrees to notify Johnny Bugs, Inc. prior to technician rendering service, of any occupant of the premise who is allergic or sensitive to chemicals, and if any pets are present
  6. Customer acknowledges that if your check is returned, you will incur a $25 returned check fee
  7. You the buyer, understand that pest control is a collaborative effort that requires a balance of sanitation and professional product application. Johnny Bugs, Inc. can not guarantee that you will never see pest activity and takes sole discretion as to whether we believe additional in-between no charge visits are warranted. We know that sometimes an occasional insect sighting will happen and that adding pesticide to your living space is not necessary. All applications will be made at the sole discretion of Johnny Bugs, Inc. staff
  8. Lanai cobweb removal is a courtesy we provide each regularly scheduled service interval. Although we work diligently to insects away, keeping all spiders and cobwebs out of a screened enclosure depends on factors beyond our control. Cob web cleaning is not part of our no-charge return visit guarantee
  9. We were reserve the right to discontinue service for any reason at any time.
  10. Callbacks are rendered if technician finds live evidence. If no live evidence is found, Johnny Bugs reserves the right to charge a trip charge of $75.

ACCEPTED IN ALL ITS TERMS AND CONDITIONS without limitations, it being specifically understood that Johnny Bugs, Inc. and the customer will be bound only by the terms of this agreement and not by any other representations, oral or otherwise.

John takes care of my place and always does it right! No bugs ever! unless they are dead! Ants everything! all gone! no fire ants for my kids to step on! Call Johnny bugs!

~ Jared S.

John came out today on very short notice to treat fungus gnats. He was prompt, polite and professional. He thoroughly explained his process, his service and his guarantee. I highly recommend this company!

~ Dr. Carole G.

John did an awesome job. I had some pests outside, but on Thursday I inadvertently disturbed a yellow jacket nest. He came out on Friday and treated my yard, house, and the nest. He even rid my pool area of spider webs. I had a list in my head of what I wanted him to do. He accomplished everything on my list without me asking. He’s prompt, thorough, courteous, and personable. He’s even going to contact me in three months to see how things are going. I highly recommend Johnny Bugs! Thanks also to Thumbtack.

~ Carrie S.

Excellent service and results.

~ Richard E.

John from Johnny bugs goes above and beyond for his clients. He has always returned calls quickly if he was doing a job and couldn’t answer. He travels approximately 50 miles each way to do my house and he beat everyone else’s prices. Always personable and professional. Highly recommend him for any job

~ Terry S.